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Steel plate pretreatment line 

  A great number of steel plates and special profiled bars used for construction of marine engineering projects such as ship, port machinery and drilling platform require of pretreatment like cleaning, cutting and welding of high quality and speedy before assembling. The first part of surface preparation process is finished on pretreatment line which will be combination of shot blasting, spraying primer and drying, etc. Through pretreatment line, steel plate and profile bar are blasted cleaning thoroughly and coated with one layer of temporary anticorrosion coat.

  Shot blasting pretreatment line mostly aim to do surface pretreatments such as removal of scale, de-rusting and spraying protective primer on steel plates, profiled bars and steel structure parts which are used to build port machinery, container ships, large bulk ships, oil tankers, gas vessels, chemical carrier, drilling platform and other marine engineering projects.

  Roller conveyor type shot blasting pretreatment line which is designed and manufactured by my company is mainly for steel plates, profiled bar and steel structure parts to be blasted to remove rust corrosion, oxidation skin and contamination from the surface to have the steel plate clean and bright, with a certain roughness. The width of common suitable plate is from 800mm to 4800mm, process speed from 1.0m/min to 5.0m/min.

Twice painting hall (block painting)

  After preprocess, in an allowable processing scope, steel plates will be manufactured into huge ship block as large as it could be and these parts need to have second blasting in a special designed blasting hall so that the weld can be achieved to perfect extent, coating with protective paint to up to anticorrosion capability of ship hull and platform to be built.

  Normally, the weight of such a ship hull or platform section is around 100 tons, even more. These parts are carried into relative blasting and painting hall by special carrier to accept blasting cleaning internal and external surface. By vacuum reclaiming system, the residual shots on the piece surface are cleared away, while dropping shots are collected, cleaned and circulated by screw conveyor system. For this, Shanghai Liangshi supply the whole set of painting hall, main including: blasting equipment, dust collector, cyclone dust collector, abrasives separator, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, vacuum cleaner, dehumidifiers, heating blower, air compressor, flexible elevating gate, organic solvent purifying and catalyzing device and PLC centralize control system.

Painting hall and baking room

  The size of ship hull parts is so large that painting process has to be done in large-size painting hall. Such condition will put forth special requirements to the economy, environmental protection on painting equipment and to the healthy on the operator.

  Painting hall for shipbuilding which is designed and manufactured by Shliangshi adopts full-closed structure, air inlet from the top and exhausted from both side bottoms, wastage gas to be discharged upper air after being filtered by paint filter. Painting system is with high-pressure airless spraying equipment which is able to spray not only zinc -rich primer, but mid-paint and topcoat as well. Electric control system is by PLC centralize control system with real-time display. Baking room is used for paint on the pieces to be cured, temperature from 25℃ to 35℃, heating by electric or fuel oil.

Environment-friendly Sand blasting machine (blasting while sucking)

  Blasting while sucking type sand blasting machine is another kind of equipment that Shlianghshi provides for Ship Building/Repairing Factory, integration of vacuum reclaiming device, dust collector, blasting machine, blast hose and gun, from blasting, dust removing, shot reclaiming, filtering to recycling to be completed in a full-closed system. Especially, it is suitable for field maintenance site to repair weld or remove damaged coat for ship, drilling platform, etc.

  We have been succeed in providing long-term painting equipment for hundreds of shipyards, such as ZPMC, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Shipyard, Dalian Shipyard, Dalian New Shipbuilding Plant, Shanghai Shipyard and Mawei Shipyard.