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  Often, the engines and components of aircraft need shot peening or blasting to increase the intensity of the material, to reduce the difference between the surfaces and prolong anti-fatigue life of the components. Due to the requirements on precision and aerodynamic, shot peening has become essential key steps and processes to the surface treatment on the components of aviation and airplane during manufacturing and maintaining aircraft. Shot peening technology has been widely applied in airplane seat tract anticorrosion, grinding stress corrosion on pin-shaft components, extending the life of landing gear, the wing of aircraft by shot peening hardening layer against fatigue life. For this, we supply auto shot/peening equipment, hanger abrator and crawler type shot blasting machine and environmental and effective blasting and painting room.


  Aviation industries have very high requirements on components, not only the material is light, but is able to bear extremely load under extraordinary bad environment. With the aid of protecting component surface from external damage to extend fatigue life, our surface treatment can improve the whole capability of the component.


  Fine control shot peening is a cold working process and the surface of a part will be yielded by the small spherical material bombarding to release original residual compressive stress which enables to reduce working stress and acquire better features.


Ultra-precision surface preparation

  For some components like gears and bearings that have the friction with each other, it is very import to do ultra-precision treatment on their surface. Such treatment normally takes place following the shot peening.  Having been processed, the surface of the components will be improved on micro-roughness so as to reduce the abrasion, slight scratches, noise and working temperature.


  Shot peening molding is a better way to form complex aerodynamic curve. Such dieless process is ideal for the wind of aircraft molding. This process is also used to remove the distortion of complex components due to processing and heat treatment.