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  We provide equipment and technology to help automobile manufacturer and maintenance provider minimize the impact of the corrosion, reduce the loss of energy caused by the friction, reinforce component surface and enchance its fatigue life, improve the surfce finish of the components to make it more beautiful and increase the quality.

  Shliangshi have successfully provided vehicle manufacturer with shot peening equipment for aluminum hub of vehicle, shot blasting cleaning and painting equiment for A-pillar and B-pillar of automible body, automatic CNC shot peening equipment for automible gears, sand blasting equipment for coarsaing automobile brake lining surface , shot peening equipment for connection rod, torsion bar and drive shaft, zinc spraying equipment for aluminum flat pipe of car conditioner.

Shot peening/blasting introduction :

  Shot blasting/peening is a metal surface reinforce process which is to improve fatigue tension and life of machine components working under altantating load. The components been blasted strengthening, the surface of which with a plastic deformation strained-layer which have certain circulating times with high handness, strength and favorable stress distribution. The laboratory and industrial production test showed that shot peening can improve not only the machine components at room temperature and hi-temperature anti-fatigue strength, but their contacting fatigue and the strength against stress corrosion cracking.

  Shot blasting/peening:

  It is used to enhance the anti-fatigue and stress corrosion resistance capablity of the parts, suitable for all kinds of machinery, aviation, marine, petroleum, mining, railways, transportation, heavy machinery, ordnance, and so on. By shot peening can typically improve the fatigue life of 1-3 times and even more. Applications in the automotive industry in the coil spring, spring, torsion bars, gear, body A pillar, B pillar, transmission components, bearings, camshaft, crankshaft, connecting rods and other key components of intensive treatment. In the automobile manufacturing and repairing, spare parts after grinding are mostly carried out the shot peening treatment before plating, spraying in order to enhance the abilities of anti-fatigue and stress corrosion resistance and is an indispensable process.

  Auto A pillar, B pillar full-automatic shot blasting and spraying line:

  The former working procedure of the line is to effectively remove rust and strengthen auto body A pillar, B pillar through the shot blasting process, and the back-end process is to spray anti-rust oil on vehicle A pillar and B pillar; also applies to such components of the vehicle as the car door bumper bars, bumper strengthened beams, doorframe strenghten beam by surface shot blasting pretreatment.

Zinc spraying equipment for aluminum flat tubes of car air-conditioned equipment:  

  It is our company latest developed zinc spraying equipment for aluminum strips of automotive condenser and evaporator in automotive industry . This zinc spraying gun for aluminum is to be four active wheels sync wire-feeding, with pure double-airflow layering, super-fine atomization up to the atomizing standand of similar products in Europe and Japan the U.S.A

  Special application industry: to replace similar imported products, used in zinc spraying (online) for aluminum strips of the automotive condensers and evaporators, for aluminum flat tube and zinc or zinc alloy spraying for capacitor.

  Graphite coating equipment for Car Piston surface:

  The equipment used for spraying graphite agent on the pistion surface can well improve the wear resistance and lubrication for car cylinder liner, aluminum piston. The graphite coat on pistion surface in pair friction and abrasion mechanisms between the piston and cylinder is able to improve the lubrication conditions of the friction in pairs, reducing the contact between the two kinds of metal surfaces. Graphite coating layer of the superior physical and chemical properties are conducive to the adapting of the pistion at the early run. Graphite is a unique solid lubricants which is able to change the dry friction operating condition due to shortage of oil resulting in seriously deterioration. Special applies to coat graphite on the surface of automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, ships, construction machinery and general machinery engine cylinder piston.

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