Sand blasting application

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What is the meaning of sand blaster?   

Sand blaster is a kind of mechanical equipment spraying the abrasives (metallic and nonmetallic) onto the surface of the workpiece by dint of the compressed air as its power.The abrasives onto the surface for impacting and grinding, remove the impurity, mottle and oxide layer, at the same time, roughen the medium surface increasing the surface area, which can improve the adhesion so as to make the coating generate the best resistance of acid and alkali for better coating quality, also can reduce the residual stress and increase the surface hardness of basic materials.    

According to the blasting way, blast machine can be subdivided into pressure fees type and suction type. The pressure feed type mixing the compressed air and abrasives while blasting in same container, can make the best use of compressed air and be easy to regulate the flow rate of air and sand, which not only can be applied to large area processing, but also can blast small parts. At present KPB series and AC series produced by Liangshi Enterprise belong to pressure feed type sand blaster, which can be divided into manual control, pneumatic control, electric control series, totally more than 36 kinds. Additionally, we offer pressure feed type and suction type sand blasting cabinet applied to light industry and different types of custom-built non-standard automated sand blasting machines.

 Functions of sandblast
Typical function: The removal of rust, oxide skin, oil and residual stress; Increase the surface roughness of workpieces (Ra0.5-150um); Cleanliness(Sa2.5)……

Typical function of surface treatment of stone products: Can replace flamed process;Have high efficiency; Can control the design and roughness.

Typical function of metallic roller: Feature online without shut off, even, convenient and environmental protection.

Typical function of mould cleaning: Feature high efficient cleaning, thorough, even and fine.

Typical function of cleaning of clothes: Make use of the impacting of sandblast to remove the dyed layer of fabric surface which is more efficient than any other method.

For detailed applications, please contact us.  

Sandblast of roughness processing for auto’ components

Sandblast of rust removal for castings

Sandblast of rust, oil removal for stainless steel parts

Sandblast of deburring for components

Sandblast of oxide skin removal and matting processing for aluminium-parts


Sandblast of rust removal and deburring for castings


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