Shot peening / blasting application

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Shot peening application

Shot peening strengthening is a course of metal surface strengthening which can improve the fatigue strength and service life of the structural parts under the repeated fluctuating load.After the shot peening strengthening, the surface of parts generate a strained-layer of several cyclic plastic deformation, which possesses high hardness, strength and favorable stress distribution. The laboratory and the examinations of industrial production indicate that not only the shot peening strengthening can improve the room temperature and high temperature fatigue strength of structural parts, but also can enhance the resistance for the contact fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.

Shot peening strengthening:is used to improve the capacity of fatigue resistance and stress corrosion resistance of the parts, which is applied to machinery, aviation, navigation, petroleum, mine, railroad, transportation, heavy machinery, ordnance, etc.Via shot peening strengthening,the fatigue life can be increased to 1-3 times, even dozens of times.The shot peening strengthening is applied to undercarriage, engine, different couplings, crankshaft, connecting bar, actuating cylinder, crankcase, turbine disk, lamina and other parts, even steam turbine and generator. In the manufacture and repair of airplanes, the shot peening strengthening processing is a indispensable process after grinding or before plating and painting, which can improve the capacity of fatigue resistance and stress corrosion resistance.
Shot peening forming:is used in the figuration of large-sized whole wallboard. The main advantages are as follows: No need to use the mould; Only need a set of section template; The fitting precision of clearance of section template is 0.3-0.5mm;Specially be applied to the figuration of large aerofoil, airframe and rocket whole wallboard.
Shot peening correction:can correct some thin columnar parts and the ellipticity can reach within 0.03mm,which is applied to large hydraulic support, undercarriage, actuating cylinder, rocket launcher and so on.
Shot peening decoration:is applied to matt finish, obtaining diffuse reflection surface, spraying various design, covering the surface scratch, etc. 
Shot peening for paint removal   Spraying the plastic abrasives for paint removal is a new technology in recent years, which not only can solve the environmental problems without damages for workpieces and body, but also is a safe, reliable, fast, economic and popularized technology of environmental protection.

Shot peening for oxide skin removal of aluminum wheel and shot peening strengthening

Shot peening strengthening processing for gears

Shot blasting strengthening and hardening application  

Shot blasting strengthening is used to improve the fatigue strength under the alternate stress, which widely has replaced the expensive time-consuming process and can design the parts of lower cost and lighter weight. The shot blasting strengthening has played a remarkable role in improving the physical properties of parts.    

Features of shot blasting strengthening

Blasting the steel shots to the workpiece surface without compressive stress and tension stress, can obtain regional distribution of the pressure and tension. It can reach a consensus on the stress by means of surface strengthening, also shot blasting hardening especially continuous strengthening can reduce the surface tension. This is why shot blasting hardening can improve the fatigue strength of metals.

Shot blasting hardening and application fields

Plane components, compressor crankshaft, shaft, gear shaft, brake parts, cam, camshaft, chain pin, chain link, clutch spring, round spring, compressor blade, link bar, crankshaft, gear case components, gear, leaf spring, milling cutter, aiguille, cutting tool, piston rod, handspike, wheel, rock drill, spring, stabilizer bar, suspended spring, synchromesh type spring, tension spring, tool, torsion-bar spring, wheel and blade of turbine, valve spring, valve, hub, steering wheel.

Proper materials: Hard metal, cast steel, aluminum, magnesium, bronze, nodular cast iron.


Shot blasting pretreatment    Renovation and reform

In the spray-paint industry, shot blasting machine is applied to surface pretreatment of workpieces including radiator, gas bottle, steel barrel, container, barrel, pipe, drum and so on to ensure the perfect adhesion of paint on the workpieces.

Shot blasting process is also used for removing old paint before spraying new paint. In addition, the large cleaning room with wheel and shot blasting equipment is applied to large-sized workpieces, as welded steel structure, truck, ship plate, railway vehicle and so on for the purpose of mechanical rust removal or renovation treatment.


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