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Spray purpose                                                     

According to coating and construction, the purpose of coating is to make the dope form a firm and continuous coat on the surface of workpiece,so as to exert actions of decoration, protection and special function.    
(1)Protection  The water, acid, alkali, salt, microbe , other corrosive medium, ultraviolet radiation and so on, may easily corrade the exposed basal body to make it damaged gradually. After painting, the surface coated with the paint, forms a firm inserted continuous coat to oppose these corrosions and avoid the damage;
(2)Decorative   Due to the habit and favour and market demand, the variety of the dope’color and the skill of painting construction can make the products obtain decorative requirements of different colors, luster, figures, which give the people comfortable feelings, so as to improve the added value of the product and broaden the application range; 
(3)Color sign   Adopting different colorful coats as the sign to distinguish the things has been used and standardized gradually. The pipes and machinery equipments with different colorful dopes can easily be identified and operated. The gas bottle, hazardous articles, chemicals with different colorful dopes can easily be identified and stored. The road marking and traffic control commonly adopt different colorful coats to show warning, danger,stop and other signals to ensure the safe and smooth traffic;
(4)Special functions  Some dopes with special constituents possess special functions,for example, sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproof,
skidproof, radiation-proof, insulation, camouflage, etc, which can be applied to aviation, vessel ,nuclear energy, optical fiber, electrical equipment,and other specific environments.

Profile of thermal spraying:
Process of thermal spraying series: The spray materials(wire or powder material ) heated by some heat source, produce melted or semi-melted particles to impact and adhere to the surface of the basal body forming a layer with certain characteristics.

Can divide into burning method and galvanothermy method, due to the different heat sources. The former includes flame spraying, blast painting and high velocity flame spraying; The latter includes arc spraying, plasma spraying(constant pressure plasma spraying and liquid-stabilized plasma spraying ).The important influence for coating generated by spraying process are spraying temperature(strictly, it is the temperature when the liquid drip is    impacting the surface ) and the impact speed of liquid drip. Liangshi thermal spraying system is mainly applied to iron pagoda, light pole, bridge, water gate, watercraft , structural members for the large area long-term corrosion resistance ;Also be applied to paper making dryer ,printing roller, crankshaft, other workpieces for the spraying repair of surface wear; And be applied to capacitance, electrotechnical porcelain industry for the electrode spraying.

Functions of the coating:
According to the classification method of thermal spraying coatings by USA F.N.LONGO, the coatings can be divided into :

1. Wear-resistance coating  Include coatings resisting adhesive wear and surface fatigue wear, coatings resisting the erosion. Some coatings can be divided into low temperature wear resistance (<538℃)and high temperature wear resistance(538~843℃);

2. Heat resistance and oxidation resistance coating  This coatings include high temperature course (thereinto, including oxidation atmosphere,corrosive gases, erosion and heat barrier of temperature higher than 843℃ )and metal melting course(thereinto, including melted zinc,melted aluminum,melted iron,steel and melted copper );

3. Atmospheric corrosion resistance and impregnated corrosion resistance coating  Atmospheric corrosion includes the corrosion due to industrial atmosphere, salt atmosphere, field atmosphere and so on; Impregnated corrosion includes the corrosion due to potable water, non-potable water, heat water,saline water,chemical,food processing,etc;

4. Conductance and resistance coating  This coating is applied to conductance,resistance and shield;

5. Dimension renewed coating  The coating can be applied to iron-base(carbon steel and corrosion resistance steel that can be cut and ground) and nonferrous metal (nickel,cobalt,copper,aluminum,titanium,and their alloy)wares;

6. Gap control coating of mechanical components  The coating can be ground;

7. Chemical corrosion resistance coating  Chemical corrosion is due to acid, alkali, salt, minerals and organic chemical medias.


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