Successful in biding for the project of Baosteel Group

Publish: 2009-11-12 13:11 | Author: liangshi | View: 53Times

Shliangshi has recently been successful in biding for the project of Shanghai Baosteel Company on shot blasting and oil painting equipment, including a set of automatic shot-blasting equipment, a set of oil automatic painting and drying equipment and relevant electrical control system. The shot blasting and oil painting equipment are specialized for blasting hot pressing pieces, A-pillar and B-pillar of automobile, with annually working capacity of 1,500,000pieces, which are expected to be completed and put into use before the end of 2009. With mature and reliable advanced technology and equipment on the word, the quality, producing cost, various consumption indexes and labor productivity of the equipment have come up to advanced domestic standards. Also, the whole set of equipment has very high cost performance and quality.

We have the top researching and manufacturing technology and perfect service system on manufacturing of automatic shot-blasting equipment, with successful application cases in many fields such as shipbuilding, vehicles manufacturing, electricity and steel structure.

Successful in biding for the project of shot blasting and oil coating equipment

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