Environmental protection type dry painting booth for GRACO Shanghai Branch

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         Mar.29th,2011.Recently,Shanghai Liangshi designed and manufactured a set of environmental protection type dry type painting booth for GRACO, Shanghai Branch successfully. The painting booth is air-supply type of top air supply system, which passes through static pressure layer and flow  equalization  zone, then enters into operation area. A part of air supply source  is fetched out from outside, a part is fetched out from inside booth, controlled by multi-blade regulating valves separately. In order to clean paint mist filter system regularly, the equipment sets up automatic alarm device, when it exceeds setting valve, it will remind the user automatically. In addition, electric equipment adopts explosionproof device to ensure safety and reliability. The painting booth features simple structure , pollutant removal efficiency of 99%, low running cost and so on.

         Graco, USA is a big and advanced leader in the world in flow treatment system and equipments. We were very glad to cooperate with Graco and received favorable comments, which showed Liangshi can reach international level in design and manufacture.
Liangshi Corporation Brief:
          Shanghai Liangshi Corporation established in 1993,specializes in surface processes and coating equipments, is a technical enterprise of research, design, manufacture. Leading products: sandblasting machine, shot peening machine, painting machine, sprayer, sandblasting booth, painting booth, shipping coating booth, steel plate pretreatment line, coating line and so on. Liangshi as a leading supplier in surface process  and coating equipments, can offer high quality and advanced coating equipments in ship repairing/ building, petrol chemical,  aviation, vehicle,  car, container, engineering, port machine, ocean machinery, electronic , power source and many fields.       New factory of Shanghai Liangshi locates in Fengxian area of 84 acres and total investment of 100million yuan.  Please visit:  www.shliangshi.com or   www.shliangshi.cn 
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