Automation sandblasting, painting and zinc spraying equipment

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       Recently, SHLS company has designed and manufactured a whole set of automation sandblasting, painting and zinc spraying and equipment for a well-known Dalian Bearing Company, which is for processing the bearing of large machinery like wind power and ship and now is putting into operation of high effectiveness and stability

High-precision automation sandblasting, painting and zinc spraying equipment
        The turntable bearings applied in wind power and ship industries require of high anticorrosion and high-precision surface preparation and the work piece is rather larger in diameter. Therefore, SHLS developed work piece auto-rotate mechanism plus three-axis manipulator automation sand blasting, painting and zinc spraying equipment. Work piece auto-rotate mechanism is using imported motor to drive turntable rotating and rotate speed is frequency adjustable, work piece rotating smooth and reliable. For the turntable bearing of multiple machining surfaces and complexity, three-axis manipulators are used, with the displacement precision of X-axis no more than ±1mm, to completely meet the demands of automation sandblasting, painting and zinc spraying; Z-axis is similar to X-axis, combining with linear bearing, which enables the operation more precision and smooth, and can achieve numerical control; A-axis enables 2-4 guns to swing between -95° and +95° at the same time. 
        This Dalia Bearing Company is the supporting manufacturer for such industries as national metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, heavy-duty mining machinery, harbor machinery, whose products are sold throughout the country, cities and autonomous regions as well as Hangkong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, and also exported far to more than sixty countries and regions such as America, Canada, Australia, Russia, India and South Africa.
        SHLS has more than twenty years technology and manufacture experience in surface preparation and coating equipment. By virtue of our deep understanding and knowledge of sand/shot blasting, painting and zinc spraying as well as electromechanical automation technology, combining with the advantages of self-design and manufacture, we have continuously developed and improved automation sandblasting and painting equipment as well as production line, and made technical breakthrough of many times in terms of automation blasting and painting equipment, taking the leading level of its kind.  

Shanghai Liangshi Group(SHLSG)
        Established in 1993, Shanghai Liangshi Group (SHLSG) is a comprehensive technological enterprise specializing in the research, design, manufacture and trade of surface preparation and coating equipment. SHLSG is comprised of Shanghai Liangshi Machinery Equipment Co.Ltd., Shanghai Liangshi Blasting and Painting Equipment Co.,Ltd., and Shanghai Liangshi Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.Ltd. The new factory of SHLSG occupies an area of 84 acres and the total investment approximates to Renminbi 100million, located in #1117, New Siping Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China.
        Its Leading products: Automation sandblasting machine, CNC shot peening machine, thermal sprayer, airless painting machine, enameling equipment, blasting room, painting room, ship block blasting and painting halls, steel plate pretreatment line, blasting and painting line, etc.
        As the domestic well-known leader suppler of surface preparation and coating equipment solution, SHLSG can provide the customers both at home and abroad with excellent surface preparation and coating equipment of high and new technology.
      SHLSG provides professional services for multiple fields such as ship building and repairing, petroleum and chemical industry, aviation and aircraft, locomotive and automobile manufacturing, container, engineering machinery, harbor machinery, marine engineering, electronics, energy and power. 
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