Aluminium wheel environmental sandblasting machine for the customer

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         Recently, shanghai Liangshi group has designed and manufactured a set of aluminum wheel hub mold environmental sandblasting machine for a aluminum wheel company, which is mainly used for removing release agent from the surface coating of the aluminum wheel mold. The equipment is pressure sandblasting cabinet which has such advantages as environmental protection, high efficient and stabilization. The rubber lined sandblasting room of the aluminum wheel hub mould sandblasting machine is designed into a closed chamber able to dynamically control when processing the workpiece. The whole installation is supported by bracket and base, structure size is: L * W * H = 1800 mm * 1800 mm * 1800 mm, with 2 manual deashing air guns fixed inside.
Environmental Aluminium wheel hub sandblasting cabinet
         Environmental Aluminum wheel hub mould sandblasting machine mainly includes wearable rubber lined sandblasting machine enclosure, air cylinder counter weight lifting door and sealing door, rail flat car with fixed working table, automatic turntable and automatic turntable reducer driving mechanism, the drive travelling mechanism of rail cart, cyclone separator, storage sand box and steel structure platform, double gun electric control pressure sandblasting machine, sandblasting room and two pulse cyclone filter cartridge dust collectors for recycling sand, lighting of sandblasting   room, electrical control system.
         In the field of mold sand/shotblasting, Shanghai Liangshi Group has been successfully designed and manufactured sandblasting machine for cleaning mould for many domestic manufacturers and products include rubber mould sandblasting machine in pharmaceutical food industry, vacuum coating die sandblasting machine in optics field, aluminum wheel mould sandblasting machine in automobile manufacture industry and shotblasting machine for aluminum alloy casting mold coating, steel mould sandblasting machine, plastic mould sandblasting machine, precision mold  sand blasting machine in electronic and medical industries, etc.
About Shanghai Liangshi Group(SHLSG)    
         Established in 1993, Shanghai Liangshi Group (SHLSG) is a comprehensive technological enterprise specialized in the research, design, manufacture and trade of surface preparation and coating equipment. Its Leading products: Automation sandblasting machine, CNC shot peening machine, thermal sprayer, automatic sprayer blasting and spraying robots, shot blasting and spraying room, blasting room, painting room, ship block blasting and painting halls, steel plate and shots pretreatment line, sandblasting and shot blasting production line, spray(painting/powder spraying/ enameling/metal thermal spraying ) production line etc.
         As the domestic well-known leader suppler of surface preparation and coating equipment solution, SHLSG can provide the customers both at home and abroad with excellent surface preparation and coating equipment of high and new technology.
         SHLSG provides professional services for multiple fields such as ship building and repairing, petroleum and chemical industry, aviation and aircraft, locomotive and automobile manufacturing, container, engineering machinery, harbor machinery, marine engineering, electronics, energy and power. 
         SHLSG is comprised of Shanghai Liangshi Machinery Equipment Co.Ltd., Shanghai Liangshi Blasting and Painting Equipment Co.,Ltd., and Shanghai Liangshi Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co.Ltd. The new factory of SHLSG Lingang industrial zone occupies an area of 56000m3 and the total investment approximates to Renminbi 100million, located in #1117, New Siping Road(#1288,Pinghai Road), Fengxian District, Shanghai, China.
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