water heater tank automatic sandblasting cabinet

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        Shanghai Liangshi group designed and manufactured a set of water heater tank double hoop online automatic sandblasting cabinet for a certain solar equipment company, this through-type automatic sandblasting cabinet is mainly used for sandblasting the water heater tank , the outer wall and the double hoops/three hoops, the device adopts online through-type sandblasting,which has the advantages of environmental protection and automation.

Solar water heater tank automatic sandblasting cabinet
        The water heater tank online through-type automatic sandblasting cabinet system mainly consists of the following parts: rubber lining high wear-resisting sandblasting room, automatic rotating carrier roller,air cylinder automatic lifting door, shots recycling and separating, sorting, electric remote control pressure sandblasting machine(3 guns), spray gun automatic lifting adjusting mechanism, spray gun holder level automatic adjusting mechanism, the tank auxiliary positioning mechanism, gas pulse filter cartridge dust collector and electric control, etc.
        Shanghai Liangshi group provides users professionally with the water heater tank double-hoop online through-type automatic sandblasting machine in the field of water heater. The water heater tank and inwall cleaning through-type sandblasting production line, the water heater tank enamel production line and the tank enamel powder production line, etc
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