Sand blasting equipment, blast room
Standard and non-standard sand blast/shot blast equipment include pressure feed type and suction feed type, which is used to remove rust and oxide skin, de-burr, flake old paint,remove corrosion, spray paint, electroplate, cleanout about pretreatment before jointing, shot blast to strengthen, ossify,shape up. Shanghai Liangshi company designs and manufactures various kinds of pressure feed type sand blast machine,sand blast cabinet,blast room,CNC automatic numerical control shot blast equipment to satisfy your requirements of production and process.

Pressure feed type AC/KPB series

According to control type, they are divided into three series of manual control, pneumatic control, electric control, which sum to more than 30 types. They features high reliability, high efficiency, safe operation etc.

Automatic sand blasting equipment

Specially provide advanced automatic numerical control sand blasting and shot blasting equipments for various sand blasting/shot blasting applications of high precision and high repetition rate.

Environmental protection type blasting while sucking sand blast machine series

It features compact structure, easy use, flexible motion and is equipped with pressure feed type and suction feed type automatic cycle system for conveying materials, pollution-free, also can satisfy a series of operation application for sand blasting.

Consumables, accessories, protective articles

Be equipped with various kinds of abrasives for sand blasting/shot blasting ,spray gun, pipe inner wall sand blasting tool, protective blast clothing, protective helmet, breathing-air filter and climate control tube etc.

Blast room system project and dust removal equipment

According to your application and related dimension and shape of workpiece to be cleaned, we provide the best solution for blast room;It is equipped with aeration dust removal equipment according with the requirement of environmental protection.