Large and middle workpieces sand blasting system engineering

Project engineering of large blasting and
painting rooms
Large steel structure sand
blasting room entity
Sand blasting room system is mainly composed of shot blasting room, shots storage hopper, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, shots separator, shot blasting machine, dust removal system, PLC electric control system, maintenance platform, grille, escalator and so on.
Sand blasting hall is made of full steel construction, with anti-wear rubber sheet liner, which includes automatic reclaiming abrasives system and is completed with filter cylinder type dust collector, protective articles, lighting installation and working table indoors. Be applicable to blast cleaning for large steel structure.
The painting room is made of full steel construction, with water curtain on the floor to filter paint mist, which includes working table indoors and light system and so on. It features high purification efficiency of paint mist, low energy consumption, good working environment and so on.
Sand blasting room system for oil and gas storage tank
Shot blasting room Gas source and purification equipment

Sand blasting and dust removal system

Electric control system
This set of wind power reclaiming type sand blasting room system is mainly composed of blasting rooms, blasting machine, sand suction machine, dust removal system, gas supply system, electric control system , supplies and so on; The whole set of sand blasting and painting equipment mainly applies to clean-up and maintenance of container and special coating for inside of cans.
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