Shot blasting pretreatment line

Pass-type roller conveyor shot blasting pretreatment line

Steel plate shot blasting pretreatment line

Cross-feed chains

Charging roller
Steel plate shot blasting pretreatment
Large steel applied to construction, ships, port machinery, drilling platform and marine engineering projects, is the greatest challenge in surface treatment. A large number of steel and special profiled bar need to carry out high-quality and fast clean-up, cutting, welding, painting and other pretreatment before assembly.
The first part of surface treatment is completed in the pretreatment line which combines shot blasting, spraying primer, drying and other technology. After pretreatment line, steel plate and profiled bar have been thoroughly cleaned by shot blasting and coated with a layer of temporary anti-corrosion coating. Except the external transportation equipment, pretreatment line also includes pre-heating furnace, continuous through-type shot blasting machine, automatic painting system and through-type drying oven tunnel. We also provide cross-carrier system on the steel and blanking area to benefit continuous material handling and avoid the collision damage.
Pretreatment line is mainly used for the construction of container ships, large bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical carriers and gas vessels, drilling platforms, port machinery and other marine projects to go along surface pretreatment, such as oxide skin removal of steel, profiled bar, steel structure ,etc. , rust removal and praying protective primer.

Shot blasting system

Roller conveyor type shot blasting system, is mainly used for steel plate, profiled bar and steel structure parts of shot blasting cleaning, dust removal, oxide skin removal and dirty removal to make steel attain clean-up, light and a certain roughness.
Our company successively provides steel plate pretreatment lines ,coating equipments and coating rooms for hundreds of domestic boatyards .Our customers have COSCO Shipyard, Bohai Shipbuilding Industry, Dalian New Shipbuilding Plant, Jiangnan Shipyard , Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard, Dragon Heavy Industry and so on.
A pillar, B pillar of car hang transportation type automatic shot blasting and spraying line

The former process of this shot blasting and spraying production line can attain efficient rust removal and strengthening of auto body A/B pillar through shot blasting .The last process is to spray antirust oil onto A/B pillar of auto body.
At the same time, it is used in surface shot blasting and strengthening pretreatment for bumper bar of car door, reinforced beam of bumper, reinforced beam of door frame and other components
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