Shipping subsection coating room


    Shipping subsection coating room
    (one for spraying and one for coating) 

    Shipping subsection coating & painting hall

    Shipping subsection coating room
    (two  for spraying and two for coating)

    Shipping subsection coating mid-set hall 

Shipping painting technology

      Sipping painting technology is one of the three pillar technology of modern painting technology, which is good or bad to directly impact on the quality of ships and ship construction cycle. Whether the coating process equipment is advanced, it will connect with the foundation and strength of shipyards. Liangshi company is professional for the design and manufacture of shipping coating equipments. After years of research and practice, especially in recent years we communicate and cooperate with the international well-known ship painting room manufacturers, we have made considerable progress in design theory and practice. To combine the international advanced design technology and the national conditions, Liangshi company aims to improve the localization ratio of technology and equipment, also the integrated cost performance of coating room .
      The main equipments: sand blasting room entity, blasting machines sand suction machines, abrasive recovery systems, dust removal systems, painting rooms, dehumidifiers, hot fans, painting equipments , paint mist treatment systems, lighting control systems, temperature and humidity detectors, concentration alarms and other safety equipments.


Looking good painting rooms at home and abroad, the advanced nature should be able to meet the followings:
        1). In any weather conditions, it can carry out normal coating work;
        2). Coating process equipment should be able to satisfy high-load and long-term operation without failures; 3).Process equipment system should be able to do as production line of the organic integration and free operation.
      Automatic folding lifting door relys on a set of lifting structure to achieve the lifting and open-close of the door, which usually replaces the steel door in the large-span workshop. It is equipped with safety brakes .When stopping lifting or the breaking of wire rope, it can brake automatically to thereby increase the safety factor. The folding lifting door features beautiful shape, flexible lifting, safety, reliability, easy operation. 

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