Shot blasting and pretreatment line
Specially design and manufacture series of high efficient shot blasting equipment for small parts, hang transport airless shot blasting machine for forging piece and casting, shot blasting machine for wire and pipe material, profiled bar shot blasting machine, steel plate shot blasting line, all of which are used in oxide skin removal, deburring, cleaning, dust removal, paint spot removal, spraying paint, pretreatment of welding, optical finishing and strengthening.

Crawler type shot blasting machine series

Due to celerity, high efficiency, thorough cleaning, it is ideal equipment to deal with exterior residual molding sand and oxide skin for different batches of mid/mini type casting, forging piece and heat treatment parts.

Turntable type airless shot blasting machine series

Suitable for small parts ,particular for sheet wall parts and especially for the surface hardening treatment of gear, shaft ,spring, link-rod sintered parts.

Hook type shot blasting machine series

Be applied to deal with workpieces of wide breadth and irregular geometry shape, which are hung and continuously circumgyrating to operate shot blasting from many angle during the course.

Wire material shot blasting machine series

Continuous through roller type conveyor means using the high efficient impeller head to ensure high coverage rate and uniformity , which can remove oxide skin and rust for different wires

Profile shot blasting machine series

Go along oxide skin removal, cleaning up, pretreatment with continuous through type for different types of profiles such as steel, flame cutting pieces, H-type I-beam, steel embryo ,welding components, castings, etc.

Plate material shot blasting machine series

Using a special positioning device of impeller and efficient circulatory system of abrasive reclaiming can go along oxide skin removal, clean-up and pretreatment for large thin-walled sheet metal and wide heavy plate material .