Spraying machine and coating line

Airless spraying machine series

Airless spraying process and equipment can satisfy different demand of coating operation, which is widely used in ship, automobile vehicles, containers, pipelines, bridges, steel structures, construction and painting all kinds of machinery industry.

Consumables,accessories,protective articles

Professionally provide all kinds of airless spraying equipment and accessories, and several specifications of the pipeline wall paint, and pole-free air spray gun, automatic / manual airless spray gun, nozzles, mixers, butter machine.

Thermal spraying equipment series

The thermal spraying equipment is used mainly in repairing wear and tear of the coating surface for tower, poles, bridges, water gates, ship structure, large-scale and long-lasting anti-corrosion paper dryer, printing rollers, crankshaft , capacitance, electrode coating of electrical porcelain industry, etc.

Air spraying ,static spraying equipment series

Air spraying is a wide range of coating process in light industry, hardware, furniture, etc; Electrostatic coating with high efficiency and uniform coating, less pollution and so on , adapts to large-scale automatic coating production lines and has gradually become one of the most common applications in the coating process.

Special equipment for shipping ,subsection painting hall engineering

Cargo tank coating of product tanker is known as the special coating, which is of particularly high quality requirements; Ship coating works: painting work (including the surface treatment) is divided into the following process stages: ① steel pre-treatment and painting workshop primer; ② sub-coating; ③ coating berth; ④coating dock; ⑤ coating in castle; ⑥coating parts.

Coating line series

Professionally design and manufacture various types of spraying paint room, full automatic coating machines, semi-automatic / automatic spraying production line, oven drying, etc. Coating production line with a compact, reliable, efficient, low noise, low power, low maintenance requirements, satisfies the demanded coatings of anti-corrosion and decoration.