Plasma spraying equipment

Model LSXM80 plasma spraying equipment is new generation of plasma spraying system developed by us on the base of the absorption of foreign advanced technology, which adopts automatic intelligentized control to make operation more easily and conveniently .The excellent arc spraying device can efficiently extend the life of nozzle and achieve 24 hours continuous work without failure, which is the best domestic plasma spraying equipment currently.

Plasma spraying:  Plasma is the fourth state beyond the solid, liquid, gaseous substances and a scientific term to describe the gaseous material after heating with a higher energy level than ordinary gaseous materials. After the gas has been affected by the arc discharge, high-frequency discharge, photoionization and so on, part or whole of the gas is ionized to generate overall neutral electrical conductor of equal positive and negative ion ,that is, the formation of a plasma state. And ionized gas is called plasma body. In plasma, the same number of positive and negative ions makes the whole iron body neutral.
Plasma spraying : Arc plasma produced by the arc discharge ,generates plasma flame flow to heat spraying powder material to attain melting or high plastic state ,and under the guiding of high-speed plasma flame flow, high-speed impact work surface generates coating . The workpiece of plasma spraying is not charged. Plasma spray technology has developed high-energy plasma spraying, low pressure plasma spraying and supersonic plasma spraying technology. When the arc power is high, plasma flame flow can reach supersonic speed to get high-quality plasma spraying coating.

Plasma spraying material of ceramic powder, alumina ceramic powder Alumina ceramic coating features high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, excellent insulation property, low coefficient of friction, which is an excellent coating to resist abrasive wear, hard surface wear, fiber wear, particle erosion , gas erosion .The coating also can be applicable for mechanical seals, piston rod of mud pump, hydraulic turbine blades, valve head, valve seat, wire wheels, friction plate and other parts.

Oxide chromium and dioxide titanium ceramic powder   Oxide chromium coating features high hardness, dense coating, polishing performance, particles resistance, hard and fiber wear resistance, particles erosion resistance , gas corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, which can be applicable for pump sealing ring ,plunger, wear-resistant ring, wire wheels, rollers, printing rollers, wire cutter plate, bearing surface, cylinder liners of diesel engine, exhaust fans, polishing fixtures and other spraying components.

Other oxide ceramic powder   Other oxide ceramic coating also has characters of high hardness, good thermal conductivity, in addition to good insulation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, which can be used as erosion resistant coatings and high-temperature gas-fired anti-abrasion coatings for rocket, aircraft engine parts, molten metal erosion-resistant coatings for crucible liner, insulation coatings for high-frequency electronic equipment.
Non-oxide of silicon carbide ceramic powder   Silicon carbide coating features high hardness, electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, excellent wear resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and molten-metal erosion resistance, which can be used as the coatings of high temperature oxidation resistance and wear resistance for rocket nozzle and engine combustion chamber ,the coatings of high temperature resistance and electrical conductivity for arresters. And the powder is also an important raw material for manufacturing grinding tools, high-temperature heating elements, parts of wear corrosion resistance.


              Model LSXM80 Plasma spraying system equipments Electric control cabinet                           
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