Coating projects
According to the professional technical skills and design concepts of our company, we have designed and manufactured sand blasting rooms and painting rooms and other coating rooms engineering in a number of industries at home and abroad; Now we are actively developing shipbuilding, marine engineering, aerospace, nuclear power wind power, rail transport, heavy machinery, petroleum and petrochemicals, weapons and bridges, etc.

Sand blasting room system engineering

According to the related dimension and shape of workpiece to be cleaned, provide the best solution for you ; It is equipped with ventilation and dust removal equipment of environmental protection requirement.

Shot blasting line

Specially design and manufacture hang transportation type shot blasting machines for forgings and castings, shot blasting lines for wires ,pipes ,profiled bars ,steel late shot blasting pretreatment line.

Coating room system engineering

The design and matching system of coating room embody modern production characters of high efficient production efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation, economical and practical ,stable and reliable.

Coating production line

It features compact structure, reliability, high efficiency , low energy consumption, low maintenance demand, long service life ,which can satisfy the coatings of anti-corrosion and decorative demands.