Coating line series

Metallic coating line series

Bicycle Painting Line

Painting metal seat frame production line

Plastic coating line series

Automatic coating line phone shell

Automobile coating line series

Car shell coating production line

Car shell coating production line

Automotive wheel paint production line automatically

Car shell coating production line

Woodwork coating line series


High-grade mahogany furniture coating production line

Coating production line of wood doors and windows

Home appliances coating line series

Plastic dust-free  coating line

Fixed type automatic spraying line    |   Robot type automatic spraying line

Fixed type automatic spraying line: Fixed type automatic spray gun can spray on-line for stepping type or continuous type of simple and practical performance.
The machine adopts high speed work piece rotary spraying, which features adjustable journey and speed, good flexibility, free of dead angle.

Be suitable for handset shell, computer shell , MP3&MP4,telephone ,camera ,plastic piece, etc.
Robot type automatic spraying lines: can improve automatic degree of production, greatly improve the production, save working space, possess various program editing capacities, make use of stimulant control type of electric/pneumatic proportional switch unit to control the feeding quantity and breadth size. All functions can be controlled by programs.

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