Sand blasting room system engineering

Sand blasting room system engineering for wind power    equipment
Wind energy is one of the cleanest, non-polluting, renewable energy sources. According to experts’ estimation, the global available wind energy resources is 20 billion kilowatts, which is about10 times than available water resources. If use 1% of wind energy, it can produce 8% to 9% electricity of the total existing power generation. According to forecasting of related departments, the    available wind energy resources of China can reach about 1.6 billion  kilowatts, among which the wind power of good value in use is about 253 million kilowatts.  Wind power generation is divided into horizontal-type wind turbine and vertical axis type wind turbine. Wind power generation installations in general are composed of wind wheel, transmission system, generators, energy storage equipment, control protection system, tower and so on. In recent years, China pays great attention to wind power generation and vigorously has developed wind power in rich areas of wind sources, such as Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and so on. At present, China is establishing a long-term wind power generation planning and the emphases of the country's new energy policy is to develop vigorously and accelerate the development and utilization of wind power.

        We are professional for the wind    power industry with sand blasting equipments and coating equipments and the    corresponding solutions. The applications used in wind power industry have sandblasting    equipment for wind power tower, zinc spraying equipment, paint spraying    equipment, impeller shaft shot blasting equipment, Zn-Al spraying repair    equipment and so on.
      For particular technology and    equipment for wind power industry, please contact Engineer Ling (13901632687)    in our Marketing Department!

Sand blasting room for wind power tower Sand blasting room and spraying room for wind power generation
Ground rail transportation systemSand blasting room and dust removal system equipment for wind power tower drum
Shot blasting room and coating room
      engineering for fan bearing
Sand blasting ,Zn-Al alloy spraying ,paint spraying equipments for post-processing of wind turbine impeller shaft
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